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Impacted wisdom teeth can be completely impacted, semi-impacted or completely erupted, according to their positions in the jaws. In all cases, a panoramic radiograph should be obtained before performing any interventions on these teeth and their relations with critical anatomic tissues and proximity to those tissues should be evaluated. If your dentist considers that the tooth can be extracted easily, it can be extracted with some surgical procedures under general anesthesia. Wisdom teeth that are potentially causing caries in the teeth and are a continuous source of infection and negatively affect the oral hygiene should be planned to be extracted appropriately. 

Other Impacted Teeth 

Permanent teeth may stay impacted due to mobility of the teeth secondary to early loss of deciduous teeth. Teeth that stay impacted as such may be erupted into the oral cavity using surgical treatment together with orthodontic treatment. 

Cyst Surgery

Jaw cycts usually may originate from the teeth. It can be sourced from the tissues around the teeth, soft tissue or trauma. Treatment methods corresponding teeth in treatment of cysts  generally gives good results if that is small size. Treatment of cysts in larger size is became more radical.After root treatment, cysts and root resection operatin should performed.

Bone Graft Applications

Bone grafts are materials used to promote bone formation again in patient with excessive jaw bone loss. Your specialist give you information about your case after evaluate your treatment and your bone loss.

Sinus Lifting

Sinuses are spaces in the upper jaw bone opening into the nasal cavity through an opening; they are filled with air and covered with a sensitive membrane. These spaces hang down into the regions of teeth loss due to the effect of the pressure created inside with breathing in and out, and thus implant application is made impossible. 

The procedure of opening and elevation of the membrane at the bottom of the sagged sinuses and placement of bone graft into that area is named sinus base lifting. The bone tissue that is required for implant treatment is regained with this procedure. 

Procedures of Bone Thickening 

In cases where the bone tissue is so thin that no implant can be applied, bone enlargement procedures can be successfully applied using various surgical techniques and bone grafts especially in the upper jaw. Subsequently, successful implants can be placed in the newly enlarged bone. 

Flap Surgery

Flap surgery is a removing process of inflamed gingiva and gingival pockets in patient with chronic gingival or periodontal disease. Inflamed tissue around the teeth is removed, it provide the required oral hygiene.

Gingivektomi - Gingivoplasti

Correction of sizes and shapes of the gingiva that required area. Some of case this type of operation required gingival aesthetics but some case it can be about oral healty.

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