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Dentistry is giving more ideal responses to the highly advanced aesthetic expectations of the contemporary human type, day by day. Developments in the adhesive materials enable esthetic studies on teeth to be performed by losing lesser tooth tissue and even without touching the tooth. 

What is Laminate Veneer? 

The most ideal method for you is laminate veneer if you have no tooth loss, no extensive of caries and your complaint is uneven teeth or color and form disorders or diastema.
Using this method, special laminates are prepared for the anterior sides of your teeth and luting is performed. Although the thickness of laminate veneer ceramics is 0.1 to 0.5 mm, they are quite resistant to fracture.  
From which materials is Laminate Veneer produced of? 
Feldspathic applications on investing model
With CAD/CAM method from IPS e max blocks
They are prepared from IPS e max ingots with ceramic application and luting with special adhesive cements is performed. 

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