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The technique known as all on four is placement of 4 implants in a completely edentulous jaw and production of a fixed prosthesis for the patient. 
Preferably, transient prosthesis can be applied to the patient at the session in which implants are applied. Subsequent to the completion of healing of implants and the soft tissue, the prosthesis performed are modified and new prosthesis for the patient is planned. 
All on four concept is recommended primarily in cases when advanced surgical techniques are needed to be applied to omit the disadvantages of such techniques such as failure risk, cost and prolongation of the process and in cases where anatomic structures limit the application of implants. 
This concept can be applied to both jaws. 
If the face height of the patient is higher than normal, the number of implants should be increased when possible forces on the prosthesis are  expected to be higher then normal and the long term success of the prosthesis is considered to be under risk. 

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